Web Design Oakville

We are a white-glove, boutique web design company serving Oakville, Burlington, Toronto and the GTA.

Jonathan loves designing high-conversion, low-friction digital experiences. Our clients tell us that he’s exceptional at listening to and distilling down their key messages and then bringing them to life on the web.

There are companies out there that say they will build you a website for $900. How do they do that? Well, they employ technicians who can build websites using templates. As long as you know what to say and have gorgeous photos and videos ready to go, and don’t mind working with a really junior person – maybe they can help you. Chances are your site will still look like a templated site.

Our clients come to us because they realize that their website is going to be their primary face to their prospects and their main source of leads. They don’t know how to express their unique value so they don’t just need a website built – they need their marketing and messaging strategy developed and fine-tuned. They rely on Jonathan’s expertise as a veteran digital marketer to help them craft their messaging and then bring it to life in videos, photos and text. They want someone to guide them to the optimal set of systems and sales & marketing workflows to allow their internal team to take over the site after it’s built and manage their lead generation going forward.

Most of our work is done in WordPress although we build some sites in Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix if the situation warrants it. We’re probably not the right fit if your web design/web development budget is under $2,000.

How are we better than a lone developer?

  • Jonathan Burns web design company Toronto, web developmentWe bring an understanding of business strategy, marketing strategy and online strategy (e-commerce, subscription businesses) that few dev shops and individual developers have. Jonathan has 6 years of P&G marketing plus 13 years of digital marketing with successful startups and e-commerce businesses. That means we know how to help you make more money because pretty websites that get no traffic or can’t convert are bad investments.
  • We insist on understanding your business in a way that most developers are unlikely to be able to.
  • In many cases, we end up redirecting our clients to an entirely different solution than what they came in asking for – and they thank us. This happens because most clients don’t know what they don’t know. We expand your horizons. We steer you away from popular but ill-fitting solutions. A contract developer or dev shop will probably just do what you asked them to do.

How are we different from a big design agency or a traditional full-service agency?

  • Our clients tell us we offer MUCH better value and that our knowledge, expertise, and ability to explain digital to senior business leaders are rare.

Our approach to web design and web development

  • While we do build the occasional fully custom website, 95% of our websites are WordPress websites. Why? They give the most value at the lowest cost for most of our clients.
  • After trying several different approaches, the formula we have landed on is to customize premium WordPress themes using one of our local UI/UX designers and to customize functionality through plugins.
  • For clients with budgets under $3000 for a full site, we have been building on Squarespace or Wix lately. Our clients save money because the hosting and maintenance are all included for a fee <$20/mo whereas to properly host and maintain a WordPress site costs more than that. WordPress sites get hacked if they are not updated at least monthly and if rigorous security software is not in place and carefully managed. This adds costs that some small businesses don’t want or need to pay.