Jonathan is simply one of the finest marketers I’ve worked with. Definitely in my hall of fame. He’s extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of key areas from strategic planning to brand positioning. And he’s just as comfortable doing SEO analysis or setting up a WordPress, Hootsuite or Google Adwords/Analytics platform… He has that unusual balance of strategic/tactical smarts that builds off his Procter & Gamble classic training and has been honed with a great amount of that “agile freelance” work that keeps him sharp and awesomely useful – especially in startups. Jonathan has in incredible amount of integrity, works hard, and always demonstrates a “professionally provocative” manner that is focused on results. It all makes him one of my favourite people to work with.” Peter Evans, Founder,
I’ve heard many social media experts speak in the past year but Jonathan’s seminar at our Small Business Week was one of the best I’ve ever seen. He is a gifted speaker and had us all captivated with his funny stories and valuable insights. He was refreshingly authentic and different – in fact he told the audience to be careful before they invest time and resources in social media, it could be a huge waste of time, there may be other priorities they need to focus on. Jonathan is clearly an expert with a unique perspective in the Canadian social media space and I’d put him back on our podium in a heartbeat.” John Sawyer, President, Oakville Chamber of Commerce.
“Jonathan is versatile, and can be put into the role of advisor, analyst, or interim line manager while bringing creativity and rigour to any of these roles. His knowledge of the technology and brand spaces is among the best I’ve seen, and for us, this translated into new ideas and new processes that have made us a stronger, more viable company.” Sanjay Singhal, CEO Fusenet Inc.
Jonathan delivered two high-powered presentations at our last conference. He is a very versatile and talented strategist. Jonathan articulated comparative advantage for our members better than anyone I’ve seen before. Not only did he address practical problems and relevant strategies, he also addressed solutions to the capacity issues many executives face. Our members left positively provoked. Evaluations rated Jonathan very high. He takes great care prior to his presentations to get to know his audience. It was a pleasure working with him throughout the process. I whole-heartedly recommend StrategyCube and Jonathan Burns.” Todd Letts, President, Chamber Executives of Ontario.
“When we started with Jonathan we quickly learned that there was a lot more about marketing and measurement in the digital space that we didn’t know we didn’t know! Jonathan is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this constantly changing area of our business that I have met. Jonathan is S & T’s “go-to” guy for online consulting. His constant thirst for marketing in the online arena, coupled with his marketing and consumer insights experience, make him a unique individual and a very important resource for our company, not to mention a great and fun guy to work with! Thank you Jonathan.” Susan Ramsay, V. P. and Director Client Services, Soda & Tonic Advertising Inc.
“Jonathan is a highly dedicated professional and facilitator who continuously provides brilliant strategic and marketing insights across a varied number of domains.” Bohdan Zabawskyj, CTO, Fusenet Inc.
“Jonathan understands deeply how a company’s structure and ability to adopt new tech affects it’s ability to evolve strategically. He is highly skilled at helping a management team develop powerful strategy. The results of Jonathan’s process adds enormously to a company’s revenues and gets the team understanding the business at a far deeper level than the competitors. This is priceless. I highly recommend Jonathan to Business Owners, Division leaders, CEOs of mid-sized companies and any leader needing to re-juice their team’s creativity. He drives a strict process but adds in layers of team building and great fun. Not easy. Invaluable to leaders.” Jacoline Loewen, Director, Loewen & Partners.