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Google Ads Management

We achieve superior results because we really understand the Google Ad platform and are talented problem solvers.

Are you looking for a Google Ads Management expert? Are you spending at least $1,000 per month on Ads? Then we are the right Google Ads expert team to help you lower your Cost Of Acquisition (or CPA) or Cost Per Lead.

Jonathan Burns is our lead Ads strategist and has been managing Google Ads campaigns for 13 years.  Ever since he was young, Jonathan has excelled in both mathematics and linguistics. Google Ads requires talent in both mathematics and linguistics and finding people who are truly exceptional at both is rare.

Have you been burned in the past?

Firms often come to us after they have failed with Google Ads. They burned through their budget with broadly targeted keywords, too few ads, no landing pages and no analytics or conversion tracking. We’ll help you build expertly crafted campaigns using Google Ads Best Practises and sound strategy. We’ll help you maximize your results for every dollar you invest and get you the best quality leads.


Optimizing For Local Searches

Today’s web searchers have learned to enter very specific searches with a city or region in the search term so that they get results close to home. Managing geographic terms in keywords and lining them up with campaign geography settings can get complex in campaigns with thousands of keywords and mistakes. It can lead to confusing ads that don’t get clicked, which drives down your Quality Score and increases your costs.
Q: How are you optimizing your keywords to account for local search habits?

Using The Right Match Types

Google defaults new keywords to a Broad Match which can quickly burn up your budget and deliver you no leads. But if you only use Exact Match and have too few keywords, you’ll end up with very few impressions and may not get enough leads for your business.
Q: Do you know which match types to use in which situations?


Running Experiments

Google Ads lets you run experiments to constantly be optimizing your campaigns so you can find the optimal combinations of keywords, ads and settings to get the result you want at the cost you want.
Q: What experiments are you running?

Managing Complex Settings

Google Ads has become pretty complex. There are thousands of setting hidden behind links and tabs. Some default settings are not in your best interest and will waste your budget.
Q: Do you let your ads run 24 hours a day? Should you? And where is that setting?


New Campaign Features

Google is always bringing out new ad features.
Q: Are you effectively using Ad Extensions?

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