I’ve had the privilege of calling Burlington home for 16 years.

The best part of living in Burlington is the lake. I love walking beside the lake in all seasons. I love the way the water changes colour and how the surface texture changes. Although I really enjoy walking at Spencer Smith Park along the promenade and out onto the pier, my favourite waterfront place in Burlington is the old McNicholl estate, now called the Paletta Mansion on Lakeshore west of Appleby Line. My kids and I walk the trails looking for interesting birds and animals and I love sitting on the rocks down at the shore skipping flat stones out onto the water. The photo above was taken at Paletta Mansion.

One of our favourite family outings is to ride our bikes down the bike path to the gelato store, Crema Di Gelato on Lakeshore, a block west of BrantSt. It keeps getting more and more expensive and the portions keep getting smaller but it is still the most absolutely fantastic gelato. There’s also a Pizzaiolo store in the old Second Cup location right at the corner of Brant and Lakeshore and I love their pizza.

My favorite coffee is Tamp Coffee which is a couple doors down from Paradiso, home of the famous Moroccan chicken, one of my favorite dishes of all time. Paradiso is part of Village Square which is particularly close to my heart as it was in Village Square that we decided to move to Burlington 16 years ago.

We also love the conservation areas along the escarpment. We are so fortunate to have several amazing ones within 30 mins: Crawford Lake, Rattlesnake Point, Mount Nemo and Mountsberg.

My favorite restaurants for lunch are Pomelo, Sakai, Bombay Grill and August 8th and for dinner, Mythos or Paradiso.