If you think you might benefit from industry leading shopper insights or package design research, just google shopper lab chicago, shopper lab toronto, shopper marketing insights or packaging design research and look for Explorer Research. They can help you and perhaps, so can we.


Explorer Research is a behavioural science research company with state of the art shopper research labs in Chicago and Toronto. They emphasize in-situation testing which delivers better insights than other traditional research methods. They work with some of the largest US and Canadian CPG firms and retailers to help them understand, predict and influence shopper behavior.


They had a dated looking site and poor search rankings (only two keywords ranked on page 1 of google).  They were producing short topical blog posts without a keyword or content strategy and the posts were not getting ranked or driving organic traffic.


  • We got to know their principals and studied their culture, their clients, their desired prospects and identified their unique expertise.
  • We redesigned their brand and gave them a much more contemporary logo and a more innovative look and feel.
  • We developed a carefully-crafted SEO & Content Marketing strategy for them. We helped the team at Explorer Research design and write 12 long-form complete content articles, each over 2000 words.
  • We also did backlink prospecting to get them backlinks and build their Domain Authority.
  • We helped them develop strategies to promote their content to influencers and on social media.


The site relaunch generated a massive 15X increase in their SEMRush search visibility.

Site: explorerresearch.com

Result: A Massive 15X Improvement in Search Visibility

ER search visibility results 15x