• We help senior executives understand the latest in e-commerce marketing capabilities and then we lead their teams through the strategic planning process and successful implementation of digitally enabled strategies.
  • We develop e-commerce marketing strategies to drive profit growth and then implement them in clever and resourceful ways.

What is e-commerce strategy?

Strategy is about making choices to achieve goals. But some successful business leaders are new to the vocabulary and concepts of internet marketing. We help you understand the critical success metrics in e-commerce, things like Cost Of Acquisition, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Free Trial, Average Lifetime Value and churn. We help you set appropriate business and marketing goals. Then we help you examine and choose the best strategic options.

Many of our clients come to us with questions like:

  • Testing new ideas: How do I test my internet business idea in the lowest cost manner?
  • Build vs buy: Should I develop a custom solution (built on Ruby on Rails, Python etc), customize an off the shelf open source solution (Magento, Joomla/Virtuemart, OpenCart) or go with a hosted SaaS service (Shopify, BigCommerce, Infusionsoft)?
  • Best of breed vs integration/single sign-on: I want best of breed solutions but I also want them integrated into one easy to use backend with single sign-on so I’m thinking of paying a dev shop to build me a custom app. What are the downsides of this approach? What are the alternatives?
  • Development vs marketing investment split: How much of my budget should I put into building the website or app vs marketing and selling it?
  • Subscriptions: How do I turn my one-off e-commerce business into a subscription business so I can build an annuity business?
  • Mobile: I know mobile is growing but I’m short on cash – how much should I spend on mobile optimizing my website or web application?

We help you get the data you need to make informed decisions about technology platforms and approaches to e-commerce development on the internet. We broaden your horizons and make you aware of options and possibilities you didn’t know existed. We’ll help you get a powerful solution at a reasonable price that will delight your customers and staff.

Business strategy meets digital strategy

One of the things clients say about Jonathan is that he blends classic packaged goods marketing strategy with agile, start-up marketing in a very rare and powerful way. Jonathan understands business strategy: the Michael Porter, McKinsey, BCG, Blue Ocean Strategy kind of strategy. He also understands digital marketing, especially for $5-50 million firms.

Peter Evans from MaRS in Toronto expresses it this way: “He has that unusual balance of strategic/tactical smarts that builds off his Procter & Gamble classic training and has been honed with a great amount of that “agile freelance” work that keeps him sharp and awesomely useful – especially in startups.”  Thanks Peter!

Today everyone seems to be a digital marketing expert. Apparently being an expert in e-commerce is as easy as having a Paypal or eBay account. But as many firms find out, most of these people have no big-company experience, a very shallow understanding of business strategy, and while they may be able to get down into the weeds of a particular piece of software, they are not that helpful in helping a senior leadership team craft a compelling e-commerce strategy to sell millions of dollars of goods or services profitably.