June 6, 2019 –  We are looking for a part-time digital project manager / part-time content marketer based in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton or Toronto to help us manage various digital projects including WordPress web design/builds and content marketing (social media images, posts, article writing e-books etc.

It’s an amazing opportunity to learn digital marketing from an expert! 

It’s a “work from your own home/office/workspace” job as we don’t maintain a formal group office. We are a nimble digital agency doing content marketing strategy, outsourced content marketing, lead generation, demand generation and web design, web development serving Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and Hamilton. We’ve been in business for 11 years.

HOURS: ~2 hrs per weekday (7-10 hours/week, during business hours (for collaborating with our team via web meetings and client meetings) and some work doable in evenings and on weekends. You need to be able to correspond online at least 3x day to keep things moving: before 10am, mid-day and end of day (4-6pm).  By corresponding online I mean hop on email and respond to clients or our team in a timely manner. It won’t work if you have a full-time day job. You need to be working as a contractor with the flexibility to be managing our work several times a day, even though it might only be for 10-20 mins each time. That’s essential to keeping the projects moving.

COMPENSATION: We are able to pay in the $30-40/hour range depending on your abilities and experience.

LOCATION: We’d prefer you to be somewhere in the western GTA area: Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton or Toronto.


We manage outsourced content marketing for clients in the GTA, other parts of Canada and occasionally the US.

We need a local, digital project manager with some design talents who can manage clients & projects to keep them on time and on budget and keep the clients happy!

In a bit more detail that looks like the following:

  • Listen to the client needs and form a clear vision of what modern digital assets should be created to engage potential leads or consumers
  • Be able to write up a creative brief for designers and content producers
  • Manage the project to the timeline and budget and keep the client and me informed frequently


We ideally need someone who meets these criteria:

  • Able to work from your home or a quiet space and provide your own computer, phone, internet access etc
  • Trustworthy, responsible, excellent planning & time management skills, never miss deadlines, extremely detail oriented, good communicator, good problem solver.
  • You would be comfortable and good at working directly with clients to understand their needs and keep them happy
  • Available for web meetings with me or my other account managers during the 8am to 9pm window, with a preference for 8am-5pm vs only evenings.
  • Very comfortable using web tools for collaboration, design, marketing, social media etc. Quick learner of digital systems and software.


  • WordPress for basic posting and editing. (You don’t need to be an expert, we have WordPress developers.)
  • You have a sense of good design and can use Photoshop for web image editing, resizing, optimizing for web resolutions etc.
  • Posting to social media via tools like Buffer, HootSuite (or similar ones)
  • Setting up email campaigns through tools like MailChimp.
  • Upwork or other similar tools.


  • We’d pay you on a time basis with all your time tracked in Harvest, the online time tracking and invoicing system we use.
  • We use Asana for our Project Management as well as Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Upwork, MS Office, Adobe CS etc.
  • We are all on Macs and we all work from home.


We are quite picky about who we work with and as such, I believe our clients are, on the whole, quite decent, reasonable people. (I know many agencies who can’t say that).

We do a fair bit of B2B work, most lead generation and have clients like software firms, lawyers, accountants, recruiters, and consultants.

We also do B2C work mostly focused on health food and supplements.  Have a look at our portfolio and you’ll get a sense of some of our work.


To enquire please send me an email with your LinkedIn profile link and associated email address at [email protected]


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Jonathan Burns is our key AdWords Strategist, is AdWords Certified and has been managing complex AdWords campaigns for 5 years.

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