We provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to firms in the GTA, from Toronto through to Burlington & Oakville.

  • Why is SEO so important? The only way to build a really profitable online business is to build one in a niche where you know you can rank on the first page in Google.  But SEO is a long and time-consuming process with a fair bit of complexity.
  • SEO is no longer a stand alone service. It only produces results when it’s part of a well thought out Content Marketing Strategy. You used to be able to get backlinks from clever tricks. Today you really only get equity passing links from authoritative sources if your content is link worthy.

Our SEO Process

  • We start with the discipline of keyword research. This is an inescapably difficult and time-consuming process and requires a mix of linguistic analytics (understanding the meaning of words and how people use them in search) and mathematical analytics (to be able to analyze thousands of rows of keywords with 10+ columns of keyword data like traffic volume and competition.) We use a paid workflow tool because it gives us better data and allows us to work faster.
  • The key to a winning SEO strategy is to pick the keyword phrases that have high relevance, acceptably high search volume, and acceptably low competition. Most amateurs make the mistake of picking high volume terms they will never be able to rank for and so their efforts are a waste of time.
  • We understand the ever-changing world of on-page optimization. We know how to audit a site and check it’s on page SEO and we know how to code a site optimally for SEO, although 98% of the time we use one of the best WordPress plugins (the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin) or Joomla plugins to manage SEO for us.
  • If we are designing your website we will generally map out your keywords before we wireframe your site. That way we can build the sitemap and wireframe around the keywords we have chosen to rank for. It’s a much more effective approach to site building and saves a lot of rework but designers who don’t understand SEO often jump to designing attractive pages and they forget the importance of site architecture to search traffic.
  • We put social sharing buttons on your pages. People sharing your content is one of the best ways to build natural inbound links which google values greatly as an indication of authority and relevance.
  • We never hire cheap off-shore SEO firms to create backlinks for our clients. Since the Panda update in April 2012 Google has been penalizing sites for this.
  • We avoid link building and link exchange schemes.
  • It amazing that some of the things we have seen a lot of apparent SEO experts do in the past two years will now get you penalized: too much inter-page linking in your text, huge amounts of footer links (a few are OK).  These techniques used to help 1-2 years ago, but they hurt you now.
  • We focus on helping you publish new, original content (text, image & video) to your site or blog on a regular basis. Recency, frequency and volume of quality content are a sign of legitimacy to google because they require hard work & talent and the search spammers only like shortcuts.
  • Finally, we track your SEO rankings using paid search rank tracker tools.

Local SEO

  • We are experts at optimizing for local: We’ll help you set up Google Places for your business and get listed in local/social directories such as CitySearch, Yelp, Local.com and GoldBook. We know the little tips and tricks that help you rank better in your local market.